9 thoughts on “88. – Narrow strip, 2016

  1. Questa striscia trasmette la passione inesauribile , di far nascere o rinascere , da ciò che è contro natura ..non ti chiederei mai il perchè Edoardo , alla vita non si può dire perchè nasci …complimenti questi disegni sono proprio vivi !

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  2. I’m going to be daring and say this is an overhead view of street trees from your apartment balcony — walnut tree, artichoke and some sort of fruit. Yes?! I like the narrow strip idea; definitely different.

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    1. Many thanks, jmnovak! Yes, maybe you’re right; you are a careful observer. In fact, I have taken a glance at outside and at my inner thoughts, feelings.


      1. …please, call me Janina or simply J. And, yes, I am a careful observer…all my life (I’d make a fantastic investigator…). *wink

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      2. Dear Janina, yes, being a talented photographer, you are no doubt also a careful observer. Thank you very much for your interest in my works. Best wishes. Edoardo


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